Don’t – Ever – Feed The Trolls


From time to time we face a troll, who challenges even the best and most polite people out there. Their job is simple, disrupt whatever we have beautifully created. Ah, trolls… what else can be said about them? They are hidden under the bridges that connects us to the world. Bridges that allow us to be happy. And just as we are crossing those bridges they appear, right?

Brace yourself

They will come and you know it. You must fight the urge of defending yourself or attacking them. This is exactly what they expect. We all know that sometimes we want to quickly reply and give the Troll an awesome answer but DO NOT do it. Breath, let it sink in, read it a few more times and try to capture the essence of their attack. No matter how angry you are… wait! Trolls will be Trolls.

Here’s the anatomy of one of them:


Don’t feed the Troll

Putting yourself in a defense mode is like adding gasoline to fire. There is no way to reason with such characters. I usually take it as constructive feedback. Since they are waiting for a fight the idea is to avoid making a point and prove you are right and they are the wrong ones.

Evasive maneuvers

What do you do when you know you cannot win a fight? You run, you walk away. There are fights worth fighting for and there are fights you simple walk away.

If you have a blog it is easier I agree. If you post something on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter the game is a bit different but you still have a choice.

Trolls, if your comments come in… remember, I have to approve them first. Good luck with that!


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