The Trash Cycle Of Quality Leads


We are altogether in the massive effort of generating leads. SFDC is used by millions every day, big data everywhere, leads in, nurtured, and closed. Funnels easily build after trade shows and on and on will this list go.

But we all know what really happens with quality leads. They sprout and they spoil. Simply because we add some water but never harvest them.

 Leads get in

Leads are entered for the pure pleasure of generating a lead. So at the end of each and every show we attend we can proudly say, wow, we generated this many leads from this show. But in fact, the great majority of leads were poorly entered, no details, no purchase date expected, no contact info, wrong info and so on.

If you were a sales person, what would you do? F this and F that… why should you waste your time with all this pile of bad leads when you can simply do your cold calls and visit customers on your own?

 Leads are qualified

Quantity is not quality. Before you start bragging about it make sure you have solid and quality leads entered. Make sure you discard the bad leads even before they are entered in whatever system you use (e.g. SFDC).

Your sales team should be able to convert those leads not find them.

 Leads turn into garbage

After the awesome show you participate is over that pile of leads are scrubbed and entered in the system but nobody takes action.  Here is why:

  •  70 – 94% of leads generated by marketing are ignored by sales
  • For every 100 leads generated at least 25 should be nurtured and followed by the sales team
  • Between 40-50% of these 100 leads will not respond – but they will probably buy it within 1 year


What could you do instead

  1. First get your core team in a room and agree on what qualifies a good lead for your business. Get your Senior executive, marketing and Sales and go over what should be covered and added to be qualified as good
  2. Whatever you get from a show or any other action make sure you have time to review rejected leads. Why, where, and it should be reconsidered.
  3. Make sure that the good leads are not ignored by sales. Chase them down, create a campaign around it, make sure they go after it and do follow ups.


Did you know that Senior Execs are 2.5 more likely to respond to quality calls simply because they expect poor quality leads from their own marketing teams?






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