The Unnecessary Stress


Attitude is something really impressive. No matter how we fight against it, sometimes it just comes out – better yet – it bursts out… and when we realize it is already too late. The worse is when you have to deal with someone else’s attitude.

A classic example is when we simply do it because we believe that nobody else will be able to do it better than us. Well, that’s an attitude that creates stress.

In fact our daily lives is full of unnecessary stress:

  • Saying YES too much
  • Access to technology keeps me going – over hours…
  • My kids eat up all my spare time
  • Cannot keep up with my own finances
  • I am my friends “shrink” – everyone comes to me with their dramas
  • Never on time and called upon it
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • People dictating what YOU need to get done

Instead of focusing on the daily stresses. Step back, give yourself some time, visualize the situation and see its weaknesses. Fighting face on will only create more stress, like my grandma always said… – “Start eating the pie by the edges” – this way you don’t get burned when jumping into the center. Try changing your attitudes and see if that helps… if it doesn’t the problem is probably not you, but you might be working with an imbecile that wants to show off… everyone has to deal with an idiot at work from time to time.

The question is: will you jump on their jugular right away or will you let them be assholes?

There is nothing better and more satisfying than the great feeling of showing an asshole what they are, like a gentleman!


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