:: Me, Myself & I ::

S.AlonsoHi There,

My name is Sudario Alonso, i am a marketing, advertising & design lover. I had the pleasure of working in many areas in the past. From Photography, to Advertising, Design, Marketing and Sales, to my current position as Market Development for Europe, Africa, Asia and Latam.

The idea of creating this website came after a few weeks of research online for some daily challenges and also keeping myself updated. My goal is not to have the most accessed Marketing Blog online but to have a journal and also share some of my comments, experiences, arts and tips about Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Sales and Training.

Please, feel free to share your comments and feedback. Spread It Out is for those who are more than comfortable to share opinions and experiences regarding any marketing activities out there. Why keep it to yourself when you could share it?

Enjoy and have fun.

Sudario Alonso


2 responses to “:: Me, Myself & I ::

  1. Dear Sudario, I see you’ve had a lot of progress since you were that clumsy (but savvy) trainee. Congrats for you. This article is true-true-true in line to your win-win-win analysis. It is true for administrators, for doctors and, last but not least, the patient. And socially speaking, it is a true vision for HMO’s or Gov who at last pays the bill.

    I wish you a lot of success (which is already happening) and energy to keep it going, sharing your vision and creating valuable mindsets al over.

    Um abraço fraterno
    Allan Cavalcanti


    • Hey Allan,

      The truth is… I had a good coach!

      Thanks for checking the blog and all the best wishes. I will do my best to keep going! =) Let’s keep in touch!

      Grande abraço,


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