:: Viral Videos ::

Enjoy my favorite selection of viral videos based on Viral Video Chart!

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

Playstation: Used Game Sharing

Geico: Hump Day

V-Hab: Silence The Troll

Photoshop: Live Retouch Prank

Dumb Ways To Die

Lego: Father’s Day

Audi – Spock Challenge

Facebook – Home Commercial TV Ad, “Airplane”

Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

KMART – Ship My Pants

Evian – Baby Me

Verizon FiOS – Science Project

Somersby Cider – The Somersby Store

Carlsberg – Friends to the test

Three  – The Pony Dancing

Homer Shake

Heineken – The Candidate

Nivea Deodorant – Stress Test

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”

2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”

A Pep Talk from President Kid to You

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